Stovetop Milk Frother Vs. Handheld Frother

A milk frother can be used to make beverages like cappuccinos and lattes. Stovetop milk frother vs. handheld frother: who takes the crown? Let’s have a look.

Coffee and hot beverage lovers always try to make their drinks up to mark. Nowadays, milk frothers are in high demand because of their simplicity and availability in the market at reasonable prices. You can choose the right one according to your requirements.

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In this post, we are giving you a brief comparison of stovetop milk frothers and handheld frothers. The decision will be yours, according to your choice. In this article, we will try to give you a clear vision of both types to help you finalize your decision easily. Stovetop milk frothers and handheld frothers are easily available on the market.

Stovetop milk frother vs. handheld frother: the ultimate guide

If you enjoy coffee or tea, you are aware of the importance of having perfectly frothed milk in your brew. It adds a creamy, velvety texture that improves overall presentation and flavor.

However, choosing the best milk frother for your needs might be overwhelming given the abundance of alternatives. In order to assist you in making an informed choice, we will examine the distinctions between a stovetop milk frother and a handheld milk frother in this blog post.

Spending money on something must be decided carefully with complete knowledge about its working shelf life model

stovetop milk frother vs. handheld frother

stovetop milk frother vs. handheld frother: A Comprehensive Review

They vary nonetheless in terms of convenience, design, and usability.

Manual frothers

  • They are compact, battery-powered appliances that are simple to hold in the hand.
  • They often have an attachment that resembles a whisk and rotates quickly to produce foam in the milk.
  • Portable frothers can be used right in the cup or mug that the milk is in.
  • They are a popular option for usage at home because they are reasonably priced and simple to use.

Stovetop frothers

  • These are often constructed of stainless steel and have a more conventional design.
  • They are made up of a mesh screen, a plunger, and a jug-like container with a handle.
  • You must first heat the milk in the frother before manually pumping the plunger up and down to produce foam.
  • Larger frothers need a heat source or a burner to function.
  • Compared to manual ones, they can generate more milk that has been frothed.
a stovetop frother or a manual frother

Stovetop milk frothers and handheld frothers: a brief description

Stovetop milk frothers and handheld milk frothers are two common options to take into account while producing a delicious cup of frothy milk for your preferred hot beverage. These gadgets are suited for a variety of tastes and demands because they each have special advantages and characteristics.

Milk may be made into creamy, frothy bliss with a stovetop frother or a manual frother. They vary, nonetheless, in terms of use and functionality. For individuals who like the manual, old-fashioned approach of frothing milk and have room for a larger appliance, stovetop milk frothers are ideal. On the other hand, handheld milk frothers are designed for people who value portability, convenience, and speedy foaming.

a stovetop frother or a manual frother

The decision between a stovetop milk frother and a handheld milk frother ultimately comes down to lifestyle and personal preference. A stovetop milk frother can be the best option if one likes the way milk is frothed and has room for a larger appliance. On the other hand, people who are constantly on the move or who prefer a streamlined frothing process would love handheld milk frothers.

As the name implies, a stovetop milk frother is a pot-like appliance used to heat and froth milk. It has a handle, a lid with foaming features, and a base that evenly disperses heat. For those who like foaming milk by hand, the stovetop milk frother is perfect. It gives you complete control over the frothing procedure and enables you to customize the temperature and consistency of the froth to suit your tastes. Furthermore, because they can handle greater quantities of milk, stovetop milk frothers are ideal for entertaining guests or preparing numerous servings.

On the other hand, compact, battery-powered handheld milk frothers can froth milk right in a cup or mug. They typically consist of a thin handle with a whisk-like attachment at the end. It’s common knowledge that handheld milk frothers are convenient and simple to use. They are transportable and don’t occupy much room in the kitchen. These appliances swiftly froth milk to the required consistency with a single button press. They are a fantastic solution for people who appreciate simplicity and speed or who have a small kitchen.

Which is better, and why? a stovetop frother or a manual frother

A brief review is given about both a stovetop milk frother and a handheld milk frother, but still, to make a clear decision, a stovetop frother or a manual frother, which one is better to choose, let’s discuss more in-depth.

The decision between the two ultimately comes down to your individual needs and tastes. Here are some points to clear your vision

1. Style and practicality

Stovetop milk frotherHandheld milk frother
Milk steamers, another name for stovetop milk frothers, are typically constructed of stainless steel and feature a classic kettle-like shape. They are made out of a base, a handle, and a lid with an integrated foaming system.Portable milk frothers are little, battery-powered appliances that look like whisks. They are made up of a whisk attachment and a handle with a motor.
You simply pour milk into the container and set it on the stovetop burner, heating it to the right temperature to use a stovetop frother. The milk is correctly frothed thanks to the built-in frothing mechanism, which generates steam and forces it through a fine mesh screen.You must first heat the milk separately before dipping the whisk into it while it is still hot in order to froth it with a portable frother. The motor quickly rotates the whisk, adding air to the milk to produce froth.

2. Frothing hopped-up

Stovetop milk frotherHandheld milk frother
They typically generate a richer and creamier foam compared to manual frothers when it comes to frothing performance.  Its steam production allows for better aeration and more durable foam.  As a result, they are perfect for cappuccinos and lattes, which call for a thick layer of foam.On the other hand, these frothers create a foam that is lighter and more airy. They are nonetheless capable of producing a passable foam for beverages like lattes and hot chocolate, though perhaps not to the same extent as stovetop frothers. These are practical for single servings since they work well for quickly foaming small amounts of milk.

3. Simplicity of Use and Cleaning

Stovetop milk frotherHandheld milk frother
When frothing milk, it needs a little more attention and effort. On the stovetop, heat the milk; keep an eye on the temperature and make sure it doesn’t boil over. On the other hand, they can be simple to use and offer reliable results once you get the hang of them. The frother’s components must be disassembled and either hand- or dishwasher-washed.The operation of a manual frother is quite simple. Simply warm the milk on its own, dip the whisk into it, and start the engine. They allow you to froth milk right in your cup and are portable and light. 
Simply remove the whisk and rinse it under running water to clean it.

4. Cost and Robustness

Stovetop milk frotherHandheld milk frother
Due to their bigger size and more intricate construction, stovetop milk frothers typically cost more than handheld frothers. They can, however, typically tolerate heavy use and are made to last. A stovetop frother can last you for many years if you take good care of it.Portable milk frothers that are more accessible and more reasonably priced, even though they might not be as durable as stovetop frothers, can still endure for a very long time if used and maintained properly.

5. Individual Preferences

Stovetop milk frotherHandheld milk frother
A stovetop frother can be better if you prefer manually frothing milk, want a deeper foam, and don’t mind the extra work.A manual frother might be the best option for you if convenience, portability, and lighter foam are important to you. 
stovetop milk frother and handheld frother


Does an induction hob work with a stovetop milk frother?

You should opt for a Moka pot made for an induction cooktop if you intend to use it to make coffee. There is a pretty easy way to determine whether it will work or not if you visit a physical store. Simply place a magnet close by. It will cook on your induction cooktop if it sticks.

What is the purpose of a frother?

Using a milk frother, no matter whether you choose a stovetop frother or a manual frother, you can turn milk into a thick, velvety foam in the kitchen. To make cappuccinos, lattes, and other beverages, frothed milk is typically added to coffee and espresso.

How do you pick a milk frother?

Prior to purchasing a milk frother, consider these 3 features:

  • The Resources Used: A frother must be constructed from high-quality materials if it is to last.
  • Motor Power and Speed: It has enough power to perform the necessary tasks.
  • Important connection: battery size.

Why would I need a milk-frothing device?

If you don’t have an espresso machine with a steam attachment, milk frothers are frequently used to prepare cappuccinos, lattes, and other beverages at home. Additionally, they can contribute to the creation of extra-special hot chocolate or frothy chocolate milk, as well as a sweet foam that can be an enjoyable dessert garnish.


In conclusion, both handheld and stovetop milk frothers have advantages. While the portable milk frother offers convenience, portability, and speedy foaming, the stovetop milk frother gives control, adaptability, and the capacity to handle larger quantities of milk. You can select the milk frother that best meets your demands and enjoy the benefits by being aware of your tastes and lifestyle.

Both handheld and stovetop milk frothers have advantages and disadvantages. When making your choice, take into account all the above-mentioned elements Whichever type you select, buying a milk frother will unquestionably improve the quality of your coffee or other beverages.

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