How To Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker

Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker

Do you say “I don’t drink coffee” when your pals ask you what you’d like at a coffee shop? Because if you do, you’ll discover hot chocolate, the world’s favorite next-best thing. It has a pleasant flavor, is not bitter, and is not at all difficult to like. Also, you can acquire it without going to a coffee shop.

You’ll discover in-depth instructions in this article on how to prepare hot chocolate in a coffee maker at home with a filter coffee maker and a barista coffee machine. More particularly, you’ll discover how to:

  • Choose the best hot chocolate powder or mix.
  • Melt the powder by adding some water.
  • Blend the mixture while adding and foaming the milk.

We must first establish whether you have a coffee maker or a coffee machine. You have a coffee maker if your appliance can make espresso and has a foaming attachment. You have a coffee maker if your appliance contains a clear jug for collecting filter coffee (which is erroneously called a coffee machine).

Use the instructions listed in the section below to learn how to prepare hot chocolate using a real coffee maker. On the other hand, you can utilize the substitute approach indicated towards the conclusion if you have a coffee machine.

Items You’ll Need

  • Coffee maker
  • Excellent chocolate powder
  • Milk Steaming pitcher of milk (based on the model)

To A Cup, Add Two Teaspoons Of Chocolate Powder.

The first step is to precisely measure the powder and add it to your cup. The rest won’t be a problem if you do this step right, but if you add too little chocolate powder, your finished beverage will taste like hot milk.

You might put too much in, which would make the drink bitter. Because of this, I suggested chocolate powder items that lean towards sweetness.

Even so, you can adjust your course if you discover that you used too much hot chocolate mix by applying the strategies described in the article’s later sections.

Fill The Cup With a Little Amount of Water

Most coffee and espresso makers dispense hot water. But, for hot chocolate in a coffee maker, this isn’t necessarily the ideal amount. You require 2 ounces of water or less at this point. After getting a little water in your cup, you can just move it aside if your machine dispenses more.

The goal is to use very little water to melt your chocolate powder. Too much water will decrease the viscosity of your beverage, so avoid it (or its texture).

Fill Your Milk Pitcher With Milk

Probably included with your coffee maker is a pitcher for boiling milk. If not, you may just buy one similar to the Apexstone Pitcher. Having a container you can grip that will protect your hand from heat is the concept. The pitcher should ideally have enough space to support good foaming.

You can measure the amount of milk with the help of the marks on these pitchers. Once more, both taste and texture depend on this. You must fill the pitcher with 1.5 cups of milk in order to make up for the two teaspoons you previously added.

Put Hot Chocolate Powder in the Milk Pitcher

Taking the cup you had placed aside and emptying its contents into the milk steaming pitcher is a rather simple procedure. Due to being wet, some of the chocolate powder may have become glued to the bottom of the cup.

Just scoop it into the pitcher using a teaspoon. Moreover, you can fill the cup with milk from the pitcher and then fill it again. The contents of the cup will move into the steaming pitcher with the milk after it is refilled.

coffee machines make hot chocolate
“Coffee machines: The secret to perfect hot chocolate too!”

Use The Coffee Maker to Froth The Milk

The last step involves inserting the frothing attachment from your coffee maker into your milk steaming pitcher. The milk starts to froth once you press the frothing button (or turn the knob, depending on the machine).

To prevent the milk frothing pipe from only affecting a small section of the liquid, you must move the pitcher. You stir the milk and chocolate powder together by circling the pitcher. This stage can be finished after frothing for roughly 20 seconds.

Frothing Attachment Cleaning

Those who are attempting to perfect their hot chocolate-making technique typically omit this step, yet it is crucial. You must dip the frothing arm of your machine in a clean pitcher of water and froth so that the water can wash away.

Any leftover milk or chocolate that may have adhered to the pitcher-facing end, unless your machine’s frothing arm is self-cleaning.


Can You Use A Delonghi Coffee Machine To Make Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker?

In a Delonghi coffee maker, hot chocolate can be made. Use the milk-only option on your machine after adding the cocoa powder to your coffee drink. This results in a cup of hot chocolate by correctly setting the carafe. For malt beverages, repeat the process.

What Coffee Machine Makes the Best Hot Chocolate In A Coffee Maker?

Despite the fact that most coffee makers may also be used to make hot chocolate, we also have our own personal favorites that make your job easier, such as:

Breville’s Nespresso 

Capresso Pro Milk Frother 

Keurig coffee maker

Does Cocoa Powder Work To Make Hot Chocolate in a Coffee Maker?

If the cocoa powder does not contain pre-added dairy and does not alter the overall sweetness, you may use it for the chocolate powder. The only drawback to using cocoa powder is having to adjust the sweetness and milk amounts to achieve the desired flavor.

Use just a pinch of cocoa powder if you’re mixing chocolate powder and cocoa powder. This will aid in developing the proper flavor.

Final Remarks

It’s easy to make hot chocolate in a coffee maker. The device can be used to combine milk with chocolate powder and heat foam. But, the flavor is totally dependent on the kind and quantity of cocoa powder you use.

Hence, be sure to order the proper hot chocolate mix and frequently clean your appliance.

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