How to Make Cold Coffee With Almond Milk | Step-by-Step Guide

Make Cold Coffee With Almond Milk

Like most of you, our family enjoys coffee first thing in the morning. We prefer hot coffee in the morning, but I’ve always loved getting almond milk iced coffee Starbucks or to make cold coffee with almond milk when I’m out and about.

I learned that if one of us had to leave the house early in the morning, we sometimes had a lot of leftover coffee and I didn’t want to waste it. I started to save it instead and make iced coffees at home in the afternoon. We enjoy drinking almond milk coffee as a family on a regular basis.

Making coffee at home is quite simple, especially with simple coffee recipes. This recipe to make cold coffee with almond milk is excellent and really simple to create. It’s the ideal mid-afternoon pick-me-up and is incredibly cooling in the summer heat.

If you want a dairy-free or low-calorie alternative to normal lattes, this is a terrific option. Almond milk is a fantastic vegan alternative because it is entirely plant-based. Both hot and cold coffee go wonderfully well with the mildly nutty flavor and creamy texture.

Ingredients needed to make cold coffee with almond milk

To make cold coffee with almond milk, you only need a few ingredients:

  • Cold coffee, 6 to 8 ounces.
  • 1/4 to 1/2 cup of almond milk without sugar.
  • Your selected sweetener (such as simple syrup or sugar)
  • Ice cubes, one cup.

For this dish, you can use whichever cold coffee you choose, but I do suggest simple, black coffee. We drink medium or dark roast coffee in our household, but you may also use cold brew coffee or another favorite from your neighborhood supermarket.

You can decide whether to use a standard coffee machine or a French press to brew your coffee. Regardless of the kind, you should chill the coffee in the fridge before using it in this recipe.

For this dish, I advise using ordinary almond milk. However, you are free to use any creamer of your choice! Coconut milk, soy milk, and oat milk are a few additional non-dairy alternatives.

Cow’s milk is excellent to use if you prefer dairy products.

Regular coffee and conventional creamer can also be used to produce iced coffee. Keep in mind that you might want to use less creamer if it has already been sweetened rather than adding more sweetener to your beverage.

You are free to add any type of sweetener you choose to make cold coffee with almond milk. At home, I use normal sugar, but you may also use brown sugar syrup, simple syrup, or even a little maple syrup. Even without any additional sweeteners, this recipe tastes fantastic if you don’t want things to be overly sweet.

Here are some delectable mix-in ideas to try if you want to make cold coffee with almond milk recipe a little more decadent:

  • Vanilla flavoring
  • chocolate liqueur
  • Cream cheese
  • Sugary caramel
  • Icy dessert
  • Flakes of chocolate

Kitchen Tools to make cold coffee with almond milk

The following is a list of kitchen tools to make cold coffee with almond milk:

  • Coffee maker
  • Tall glass
  • Straw
  • Long spoon for stirring
  • 2-cup wet measure
  • Measuring spoons and cups

How to Make cold coffee with almond milk

Ready to try this really easy recipe?

First, freeze a glass for five to ten minutes. Don’t skip this step for the greatest outcomes! As you assemble your cocktail, it helps to ensure that the ice melts a little bit more slowly.

After that, take the glass out of the freezer and fill it with ice cubes, cold coffee, and then, to taste, cold almond milk. Starting with 1/4 cup of almond milk is what I advise, and you can always add more later. Before enjoying, add any desired sweetener and stir well with a long spoon.

Does almond milk taste good in cold coffee?

Coffee tastes amazing with non-dairy milk! Considering its texture and flavor, almond milk is a fantastic addition to cold coffee. Many individuals choose to order a cold brew or an iced latte instead of the iced coffee with almond milk that we’ve detailed in this recipe.

Since almonds are an excellent source of vitamin E, a beverage like this one has more benefits than a typical cup of coffee.

How many calories are in a cold coffee with almond milk?

The average estimate for the caloric content to make cold coffee with almond milk is 50 calories, however, this can obviously vary from recipe to recipe. However, be sure to exclude the sweetener for fewer calories.

Can You Froth Almond Milk?

Many people are curious if you can froth almond milk, and the answer is yes. Almond milk actually froths up fairly well. Here are some suggestions I have for making frothy almond milk:

  • Purchase barista almond milk: If you want a wonderful froth on top of your coffee, this is the only option. Barista almond milk is the key to achieving this. Regular almond milk can be used, but you will only get a thin, swiftly separating froth.
  • Use a milk frother: This is the most effective strategy! You will find a milk frother attachment on your espresso maker. If not, you can get a portable milk frothing whisk. They are affordable and quite effective.
  • Without A Milk, Frothing Almond Milk Frother: Fill a glass container with your almond milk. After adding the lid, shake the jar vigorously for 30 seconds. Put the jar in the microwave for 30 seconds while transferring it quickly (without the cover).

Can you put cold almond milk in coffee?

Cold coffee tastes even better with almond milk! In a chilled beverage, the texture and flavor blend more seamlessly. Cold brew with almond milk is a popular option, as is iced coffee. Or, try it as an iced coffee with almond milk!

Is almond milk good for making coffee?

Almond milk gives coffee an additional flavor dimension if you like it. Nevertheless, it doesn’t contain as much protein as dairy milk and may cause the foam that forms in your coffee to appear watery.

What milk is good for cold coffee?

To make your cold coffee thick and creamy, blend in around 14 cups of light or whipping cream. Put less fat in it: Use your favorite low-fat milk or skim milk.


We think we’ve covered everything there is to know about to make cold coffee with almond milk. Join the almond milk coffee movement and discover how to brew a quality cup of joe in the convenience of your own home. Dairy-free coffee drinks are all the rage right now. You’ll be able to wake up to the ideal cup of coffee in addition to saving money. That’s tough to top! Additionally, you can read our best article on how to make cold brew with Maxwell House for comprehensive information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I boil almond milk?

Avoid boiling or overheating almond milk because doing so will make the milk separate and tasteless. It can be mildly warmed or heated.

Can I heat Badam milk?

Almond milk is a substitute for milk that can be consumed either warm or cold. Even though almond milk is different from cow’s milk in that it doesn’t contain lactose, it can be heated in the microwave in a similar fashion to cholesterol.

Which milk is best in coffee?

A typical guideline for selecting milk is that it will taste creamier and richer if it contains more fat. Because of this, whole milk is the preferred choice at most coffee shops. When combined with coffee, it creates the perfect harmony of flavor and texture at a fat content of about 3-4%.

Which milk is healthier in coffee?

This well-liked dairy substitute scores well on the health front because of its reduced calorie content and high vitamin E and D content. Coffee drinkers often disagree with almond milk.

Is cold coffee just cold coffee?

Simply said, iced coffee is your favorite coffee served cold; yet, it goes beyond being coffee that has been allowed to chill. It typically includes milk and hot espresso, much like a standard cup of coffee. Ice is also included, though.

Which coffee is best for cold coffee?

For the best extraction, medium to dark roasted and coarsely ground beans work best for cold brew. The cold-brewing technique’s characteristics reduce acidic notes while enhancing the tastes of chocolate and dark fruit that we adore in coffee.

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