How to Make Cold Brew Coffee With Filter Paper (Easy Guide)

Make Cold Brew Coffee With Filter Paper

Easy Make Cold Brew Coffee With Filter Paper is quick and inexpensive compared to store-bought varieties!  Today, start brewing some in your refrigerator!

An ode to coffee

I can’t wait to share this recipe, which is more of a how-to manual, that I’ve worked on for quite some time!  I’m known for my love of coffee.  And it is constantly iced.  Although I didn’t always enjoy coffee, it quickly became necessary once Jonny opted not to sleep for a year.  Then comes a sweet.  

I still have coffee every morning even though I have been sleeping through the night for the past four years.  Not when I wake up because I’m rushing my kids out the door, yelling at them with love phrases like “if you don’t get in the car right this second.,” and hurling lunch boxes and sweatshirts at them. 

Perhaps I should make the coffee first?  I don’t, though.  I don’t start writing, Facebook, etc. until I’ve returned home after my hour of school drop-offs, changed back into my cozy pajamas, and made myself a huge mug of iced coffee.  

And even though making coffee is not particularly difficult, I have made it slightly simpler with Make Cold Brew Coffee With Filter Paper.  Perfect timing for the warm weather!

Cold Brew Coffee

My coffee is served chilled.  All year long.  Almost no exceptions.  Simply put, I really enjoy it that way. Additionally, you can freeze any coffee. It’s not necessary to brew it cold. However, cold brew can be entertaining in the heat. It’s passive.  

It excludes the use of hot water. The actual theory or scientific basis for cold brewing coffee is that it is kinder to the bean and, as a result, has a milder flavor less severe.  

By the way, Jonny’s new go-to phrase is “Whoa, that was so harsh.”  He’s apparently going back to the 90s to visit Cher, his pal. Anyway, for delicious, hassle-free coffee in the summer, cold brew is the way to go!

DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags

I had a lot of trouble deciding what to call these folks.  Because I say, “I’m making these little coffee bags, kind of like a tea bag, but with coffee in it,” when I discuss them with my pals.  Do you understand what I mean?  It sounds good in a particular way!  However, I follow it up with “coffee pouches” or “coffee tea bags.” Both sound wrong, too. 

Additionally, I’ve noticed that they go by the name “coffee sachets” in stores, but that just makes me think of potpourri, which isn’t what I really want to think about while sipping my coffee.  I’ve decided on DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags as a result.  I believe it to be effective!

How do you make Cold Brew Coffee Bags?

I’ve done a lot of experimenting with these tiny coffee bags.  I am aware of that. How difficult can it be?  However, I did pick up some knowledge along the road. To create my miniature coffee bags, I utilize unbleached coffee filters.  

With the rubber band removed, I can toss the filter and grounds into my compost after I’m finished. Look at me, I’m so environmentally friendly! I like to snag the rubber bands off of my veggies and reuse them. 

When I mentioned this piece to my mother this morning, she responded, “Oh, but couldn’t you just use a tea ball?”  Why hadn’t I thought of that? I wondered with a small bit of embarrassment.  

After rushing home to give it a try, I was relieved to discover that none of the tea balls I own—and I have several, in all sizes—could hold the coffee grounds. My kitchen surface is covered in coffee grounds from the small pieces of ground coffee beans that leaked through the mesh.  Phew, I was relieved to know that I could move forward without having to start over.  The best option is Make Cold Brew Coffee With Filter Paper.

I also discovered that wet grounds are required.  These things must “bloom.”  Despite the coffee bag being completely drenched in water, the inside grounds from my attempt to make a bundle of dry grounds remained dry for 2 days!  

Not the best for flavor extraction. It is really damp. That implies that you are unable to produce a large number of tiny packages and store them in your cabinet. However, you can brew enough coffee for nearly a week at once, which is really useful! I simply add some coffee grinds to a basin, top it off with some water, and stir.  

Then divide it among the coffee filters, tie them up with rubber bands, and place one coffee filter in each jar along with some water.  One day, in my honest view, is too little time for them to have sufficiently brewed. 

If you prepare more than one batch, I advise removing the coffee bags by the second or third day and simply storing the brewed coffee in the refrigerator.  Any more brewing time results in a rather fragile filter paper.  If it cracks and spills the coffee grounds back into your cup of coffee, it will be useless.    

Vegan Coffee Creamer

Cream in my coffee is my favorite!  You’ve probably seen the memes that circulate on Facebook.  The ones that ask you to choose your personality from a grid of coffee colors? Yes, mine are always quite pale.  

I enjoy using soy creamer because it doesn’t curdle and has a decent consistency and flavor.  The joke about a vanilla soy latte becoming a three-bean soup is also funny! 

The second place goes to oat milk, which is reasonably thick and combines well.  It’s not my favorite because almond milk feels weak and separates from the coffee, making it look less than delicious.  Oh, and give some agave a good squeeze as well!

Ready to make DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags at Home?

Get the brewing going!  You can Make Cold Brew Coffee With Filter Paper in just a few easy steps!  To have one ready to go every day of the week, I like to bake plenty over the weekend.  Try it out and let me know how it goes in the comments section below, along with a star rating!  

DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags

Simple DIY Cold Brew Coffee Bags are inexpensive and easy to make, taking only a few minutes to put together.  Today, start brewing some in your refrigerator!

Prep TimeBrewing Time
5 mins2 Day
  • Course: Beverage
  • Cuisine: American
  • Keywords: coffee, cold brew, diy
  • Servings: 1 person


  • Paper coffee filters
  • Rubber bands
  • Coffee grounds (2 Tablespoons for every serving)
  • Water (12 ounces plus 1 tablespoon for each jar and bag of coffee)

16-ounce mason jars


  1. For each cup you want to make, measure out around 2 tablespoons of coffee grinds in a small bowl.
  2. For every two tablespoons of coffee grounds, add one tablespoon of water.
  3. Mix thoroughly and let coffee “bloom.”
  4. 2 Tablespoons of coffee grinds should be divided among the coffee filters.
  5. Gather the filter’s outer edges, then seal it by wrapping a rubber band around it.  
  6. Put one mason jar for every coffee bag.
  7. Each jar needs roughly 12 ounces of water.
  8. Put the jars in the refrigerator and let them steep for 48 hours.  
  9. Take the jars out of the fridge and take the coffee bags out of the jars. Squeeze the jars gently to get rid of any extra coffee.
  10. Serve with appropriate amounts of ice, creamer, and sweetener!  


We hope that all of your questions on how to make cold brew coffee with filter paper have been answered. Additionally, if you have any questions about coffee, please leave a comment and I’ll be pleased to answer them.

Additionally, you can click on the linked question Can you make cold brew with drip coffee.

FAQs Make Cold Brew Coffee With Filter Paper

How do you Make Cold Brew Coffee With Filter Paper?

Regardless of whether your paper filter is cone-shaped or Melitta-style, add coffee grounds to it. Simply put the paper into a cup like a regular tea bag after rolling it around several times and wrapping it tightly. To make it work, you’ll need boiling water, a large steep period, and a very fine grind size.

Can you make cold brew with filter bag?

Additionally, make sure the lid can be closed securely. To separate the cold brew from the coffee grounds, you’ll also need a premium filter bag.

Is filter coffee good for cold brew?

The optimal grind for cold brew is coarse due to the prolonged contact duration. As always, we advise fresh grinding for each brew, but you can also use pre-ground coffee. Similar to cold brew, coffee can be roasted either as a filter roast or an espresso roast depending on the intended outcome.

Why is my homemade cold brew bitter?

If your cold brew tasted harsh, your grind was probably too fine. Smaller in size, finer grounds extract more quickly. A cold brew that has been ground more coarsely will have a slower extraction process and taste sweeter.

Is cold brew filtered or unfiltered?

In contrast to hot coffee, which employs heat to extract the oils and caffeine from the coffee beans, cold-brewed coffee uses time. It is created using an immersion method in which cold water and coffee grinds are allowed to “brew” for a long time (often 18 to 24 hours), after which the beverage is filtered and served.

What ratio for paper filter coffee?

The standard recommendation is to use 60 grams of coffee for every 1000 grams of water (1:16,5). You can’t really go wrong with that ratio, and the result is a balanced, medium-bodied cup that allows you to experience the distinctive flavors of the coffee.

How long do you brew coffee in a filter?

The ideal contact time in a drip system is five minutes. The contact time for a French press should be between two and four minutes. Espresso has a particularly quick brew time; the coffee and water are in contact for only 20 to 30 seconds.

Are paper coffee filters healthier?

A higher risk of cardiovascular mortality was shown to be associated with drinking boiled or pressed unfiltered coffee in males aged 60 and older. However, it was discovered that drinking coffee that has been filtered—say, using a paper filter—is healthier than not drinking any coffee at all.

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