How To Fold Coffee Filter For Pour Over-A Complete Guide With Images

How To Fold Coffee Filter For Pour Over

Do you know how your coffee maker’s specific section for cone filters never seems to fit them in? That is until you compress them and force them to fit. Evidently, the gosh-darn-it why-won’t-you-fit filter is not to blame. You must know How To Fold the Coffee Filter For Pour-over! You see, you’re probably omitting a crucial step that we discovered! Here you will learn step by step!

If you want your filter to fit properly, you need to fold in the two edges that have ridges down the side. Actually, the purpose of the “double crimped” sides is to offer additional support, preventing your fragile filter from rupturing and spilling during the brewing process. Can you believe how easy the solution is? Your mornings will no longer be as cluttered and chaotic. let’s dive deep into How To Fold Coffee Filter For Pour-over!

How to fold coffee filter for pour-over?

Step 1:

Fold the filter in half as the first step. Then, with the two corners together, fold it in half once more. To open into a funnel, slide your finger between the third and fourth layers.

How to fold filter paper for pour over

Step 2:

Insert the funnel, three layers up on the groove side, into the top of the coffeemaker. The groove doubles as an air vent and a pouring spout, allowing air to leave from the coffeemaker’s base and allowing the coffee to filter at the right rate. Filtration is facilitated and vent blockage is avoided by positioning the filter as instructed.

How to fold filter paper for pour over

Step 3:

Pour coffee into the filter paper cone.

 For each cup of coffee, use one heaping spoonful (after the first brew, adjust to taste if necessary).

How to fold filter paper for pour over

Step 4:

For the remaining steps, consult the brew directions.

How to fold filter paper for pour over

Follow these steps to fold filter paper for pour-over.

The above-given steps are the perfect answer to how to fold a coffee filter for pour-over!

How To Fold Coffee Filter For Pour Over? Watch Video!

Instructions for folding a square filter

When inserting the cone into the carafe, open it up using your finger to ensure three of the filter’s leaves are on one side only. We do this to help prevent Hoover sealing by increasing the sturdiness of the filter towards the spout.

How To Fold Coffee Filter For Pour Over FAQs:

How is filter paper folded for pour-over coffee?

How is a V60 filter folded?

How should filter paper be folded correctly?

What two ways are there to fold filter paper?

The “conventional” approach and the “fluted” method are the two ways to fold filter sheets. You may read our article on the subject of reusable pour-over filters going bad by clicking here.

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