Does The Handheld Milk Frother Heat Milk?

Do Handheld Milk Frother Heat MILK?

Are you a hot, creamy coffee lover and want to have it at home? The milk frother is perfect, but the question is: Does the handheld milk frother heat milk?

Do you love a thick, creamy cappuccino or a latte with foam? But the most interesting thing is that you want to make it at home. The milk frother is the perfect solution. If you are a hot milk-based coffee lover, do you know a milk frother plays an important role in creating the perfect drink for you at home?

Milk frothers froth milk best and give a classy look to your beverage, but if you like hot beverages, the question arises in your mind: does a manual frother heat milk? The answer is simply yes. Many frothers can heat milk, but if you are interested in a small, handy frother, you want to know that manual frothers heat milk. If you use a manual frother, it can add value to your drink, but before making up your mind to buy a handy gadget, you must clear up all your confusion related to the process of whether you can heat milk using a handheld milk frother or not.

All the queries related to making a buying decision are important, and we will try to give answers to all of them. Let’s have a look to make it clear: does the handheld milk frother heat milk?

Can A Handheld Milk Frother Heat Milk?

People who love hot beverages have questioned whether manual frothers heat milk or not. Manual milk frothers can only foam milk after it has been warmed, for example, in the microwave. Countertops may heat the milk while you froth it. Before discussing the function, you first have to know what a milk frother is and how it works. Let’s have a deep look to understand well before making a decision to buy.

Does The Handheld Milk Frother Heat Milk?

What Is A Milk Frother?

Foamy milk has a luxurious appearance of trapped air bubbles and adds a delicious flavor after bursting as soon as you take a sip. But the question is, how do I get this foamy milk texture without visiting a coffee shop?

The solution is the milk frother. An equipment called a milk frother uses milk to create foam. Similar to a blender in some ways, but only for milk. This kitchen gadget is a top choice for coffee lovers.

A milk frother is a compact, freestanding, or handheld device that is specifically designed to froth milk for lattes. You must heat milk in another way before texturizing it because it’s impossible for a handheld milk frother to heat milk.

Types Of Milk Frothers

Different types of frothers are available in the market.

Manual frothers

stove top frothers

Electrical frothers


Do handheld milk frothers heat milk? The answer is simple: no. It works best if you do not mind heating your milk on a countertop stove or in a microwave.  The most important benefit of using a handheld frother is how much less expensive they are than stand-alone frothers. Additionally, you have greater direct control over the final amount of foam.

It is a good choice for your kitchen counter to have a frother to ease your work and enjoy trendy drinks within home comfort, but it is not possible for a handheld milk frother to heat milk.

Why Would You Need A Milk Frother?

Let’s look more closely. Using a milk frother, you can convert milk into a rich, creamy foam. The foam is then used to top coffee drinks or give smoothies and other liquids a creamy feel. These frothers use a spinning whisk or disk to create air bubbles in the milk.  As they group, the air bubbles produce foam on top of the liquid.

Furthermore, they can also be used to heat milk (if you are using an electrical appliance). For making lattes, cappuccinos, and other hot beverages, this is ideal. The foam that a frother produces gives a hint of luxury to your cup.

can you heat milk using a handheld milk frother?

Do Handheld Milk Frothers Heat Milk?

Some milk frothers heat milk, but these are electric or motorized. Some manual frothers can be used to heat milk in the microwave, and the stovetop model works as you might imagine by heating milk by being set on a stove. However, the manual is the most popular kind.

Similar to a stovetop frother, a manual frother also produces foam by pumping the plunger on the lid. Although some manual milk frothers contain a heat-resistant glass jug that can be cooked in the microwave, the milk is heated separately.

Are The Handheld Milk Frothers Worth Buying?

Electric frothers work best for heating milk quickly and efficiently, are incredibly simple to use, and ensure that the milk is always heated to the same temperature without burning or otherwise spoiling it.

However, the manual is more likely to be in demand as it is easy to handle and use. You can use a thermometer to bring perfection to your cream-textured coffee.

Why Is A Thermometer Required For A Handheld Milk Frother?

As we discussed earlier, we cannot use a handheld milk frother to heat milk. but it’s clear that a manual one is more in demand because of its simplicity and affordability. If you are a hot beverage lover and you are hesitant about heating milk separately can exceed the temperature or spoil the taste of your drink, a thermometer can solve this issue. A thermometer is a useful little gadget that can be used to heat milk on the stove, in a microwave, or in a frother. They are inexpensive, simple to use, and a great way to make sure you aren’t overheating the milk.  

How Should Milk Be Prepared For A Handheld Frother?

You are not alone If, after buying a manual frother, your first thought was, Where do I put the milk? Many people have made the error of believing that every frother heats milk and if you are among those who think that manual frothers heat milk it’s not true.

 For a handheld frother, you have two options:

  •  A Microwave
  •  A conventional saucepan on a stove  

If you are a microwave person. It is so simple, hygienic, and practical. In addition, it is far more reliable and efficient than using a pan on the stove. All you have to do with a microwave is set the timer and relax. 

Additionally, you can make the milk as hot as you like when using a microwave.

on the contrary, you must continually watch and stir the liquid when heating milk in a saucepan on the stove to avoid burning. Compared to a microwave, it is simply too much work.

Regardless of the method you use to warm the milk, once it is heated, you may use a manual frother.

do handheld milk frother heat milk?

Making Use Of A Manual Frother

Using a French press or other plunger-based devices is the hardest technique to foam milk, but hardest is a relative phrase, so be assured that it is still simple because you have to do the work by hand, This is sometimes referred to as a manual milk frother.

There is no need for batteries or outlets. Simply pour hot or cold milk into a manual frother, then quickly raise and lower the plunger to create froth. Incorporating air into the milk in this way progressively transforms it into foam.

It gets frothier, and more air is added as you continue to do it. With vigorous dives, it should only take 20 to 30 seconds to get there.


Can A Handheld Frother Be Used With Hot Milk? 

Manual frothers can be used with hot milk. It only foams milk after it has been warmed, for example, in the microwave. It is as simple as making your coffee to your preferred strength and preparing milk for optimal results, then heating it first in a milk steamer if you have one or in the microwave if you don’t. Once the milk is heated, pour it into the frother and use the pump to mix the milk and foam.  

Do I Need A Frother To Create Foam?

It is not necessary to have a frother, but if you love to have a creamy, luxurious texture in your coffee, it will be worth buying. A frother will add extra flavor and give a classic look to your coffee or other beverages.

Is There Any Manual Frother That Can Heat Milk?

The answer is no. You cannot use a handheld milk frother to heat milk. This is the only drawback of a manual frother.

Which Type Of Frother Is Worth Buying?

You can choose any type according to your needs and preferences, but a portable one is more affordable and simple to use than other types of frothers. Countertops and electrical appliances can heat milk while frothing, but you cannot use a handheld milk frother to heat milk while frothing.


To froth milk, making use of a manual frother is quite simple. It can perform all the functions of a simple kitchen whisk.  Some manual frothers can be put into the microwave to heat milk. Handheld milk frothers are the most common variety, but to produce frothed milk, you will typically need to heat the milk separately.

We hope that now you have a clear image in mind and will not be confused with the question, Do handheld milk frothers heat milk? Although it’s a wise decision to buy a gadget that fits in your pocket too and gives you a classy touch of your favorite and trendy drink without going to any expensive shop, You cannot use a handheld milk frother to heat milk, but if you are comfortable doing it separately, it will be good to go.

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