Do Coffee Machines Need Servicing? Everything You Need To Know

Do Coffee Machines Need Servicing

Due to excessive use or even abuse, coffee makers might experience a variety of issues. You must be aware of when coffee machine repair is necessary. Do Coffee Machines Need Servicing?

To guarantee that you’re producing the best-tasting coffee for your consumers, you typically need to give your coffee makers routine maintenance, just like you would with your car. The coffee bean depends on machinery that is in good functioning order; otherwise, coffee made from faulty machines may taste bad and be less pleasant.


The chalky dissolvent lies behind the inside boiler of your coffee maker and tarnishes your surfaces. It is a quiet killer of many coffee machines that use water. The calcium carbonate residue and deposit known as limescale are by-products of hard water. 

The limescale is left behind in large part due to the harsh water. Calcium and magnesium are two minerals that are more prevalent in hard water. The limescale is left behind when the hard water evaporates, which leads to a buildup in the machine’s internal components. Limescale loves to attach to one another, which makes it difficult to remove, making the situation much worse. 

Calcium carbonate has the potential to cause machine corrosion and protective layer degradation. The metallic nature of such protective layers makes them susceptible to rust, which can be a serious problem and cause some machine parts to deteriorate silently.

Fighting Impurities in Water

Using a calcium treatment unit or a water filter that works well will help you avoid the negative effects of water contaminants. The filters, in addition to the processes, will improve the quality of the coffee. 

Your coffee maker will continue to be dependable and produce excellent coffee if it is supplied with clean, smooth mineral water. Instead of neglecting your coffee maker, use the Calcium Treatment Unit together with routine cleaning and maintenance to extend the lifespan of your appliance. 

Informing you when your filter needs to be changed is easy with our superb Hydracs device, which is a Fighting Impurities in Water filter management tool.

How Often Should You Get It Serviced?

It’s normal if you see a build-up of limescale in your machine even after you heed the aforementioned instructions. Certain components breaking down is a typical occurrence. Water filters have a finite lifespan, so you must make sure to replace them as soon as you notice an outage if you want the best water for your coffee. 

The industry recommendation is to have your coffee maker serviced once every 12 months. With this service and your routine maintenance, your machine should be less likely to break down.

How Do You Know When the Machine Needs a Service?

Every coffee maker will have different parts that could cause problems. Here are a few of the typical issues that can suggest you require maintenance when the machine needs a service.

  • Coffee pours out too rapidly or slowly.
  • Struggle to get milk to froth
  • Cold coffee is provided for consumption.
  • Under the tray, towards the front, coffee is dripping.

Advantages of a well-maintained coffee machine

Spend adequate time maintaining your coffee machine or espresso maker. The coffee may taste sour or bitter if the coffee maker is not thoroughly cleaned. A clogged-up machine may also malfunction. 

You may lengthen the machine’s lifespan by performing regular maintenance and replacing the water filter with the appropriate settings each year. By doing this, you can also save money on maintenance.

Coffee machine maintenance

Daily, weekly, monthly, and annual maintenance are all included in the upkeep of a coffee maker. Like at home, everything needs to be kept up there as well. It’s not always enjoyable, but it must be done. 

With a coffee maker, the same applies: Regular upkeep increases a machine’s lifespan and guarantees that you can enjoy your cup of coffee.

The various maintenance intervals are explained in the following chapters. We like to list a few maintenance-related tools before we get started. Keep it close by at all times when performing maintenance:

  • Bucket or bowl
  • Hot water
  • Brush
  • Tidy cloth

Daily maintenance

Is a coffee maker used daily? After that, it will face steep taxes. Daily maintenance of your coffee machine is crucial to preserving flavor. Every day, a variety of duties must be completed. 

For instance, daily rinsing, waste bin emptying, canister filling, and machine cleaning are required. The equipment remains aesthetically pleasing and hygienic to operate by maintaining a clean exterior.

Weekly maintenance and monthly maintenance

You can maintain the machine’s functionality by performing the daily tasks described above. The equipment maintains its condition even better if you additionally complete the weekly and monthly maintenance tasks! Thus, you need to thoroughly clean the following components:

  • Thorough rinse program for the brewing system
  • Both mixers
  • The cylinders (storage canisters)

You can utilize your machine to its full potential if you keep these parts clean at all times.

Yearly maintenance

As already noted, a coffee maker requires annual maintenance. Here, a number of tasks must also be completed. Frequently, our technical department handles this for our clients, after which the responsibilities listed below are completed:

  • The technical service asks the client if there are any questions, additional information, and/or comments before beginning the maintenance.
  • Then, every moving component is examined. Worn components are, if necessary, replaced. Also, the machine’s functionality and coffee dosage are examined.
  • It is examined to see if routine maintenance is being done. If it turns out that this isn’t the case or if there’s any doubt, we’ll be happy to clarify.
  • Replaced is the water filter.
  • The machine’s general health is examined and evaluated.


We trust that by providing you with all of these pointers and details, we have adequately informed you about do coffee machines need servicing. Do you desire practical instruments for maintaining your coffee machine?

FAQs for Do Coffee Machines Need Servicing?

Do espresso machines need to be serviced?

Your machine requires a little service every three months. Rest certain that you won’t need much time to do this.

What is the average life of a coffee machine?

At least five years should pass before a coffee maker starts to fail. High-quality equipment can last for over ten years if it is kept up with. This is an excellent coffee maker’s normal lifespan, however, there are several factors that can change it.

What happens in a coffee machine service?

According to how much coffee is processed by your machine, their knowledgeable technicians may visit your café every three to six months. Your water filters, shower screens, seals, and rebuilt steam wands will all be changed at this time. The majority of issues are avoided with a regular, all-encompassing service like this.

How often should a coffee machine be cleaned?

Without regular maintenance, coffee residue and mineral buildup may wreak havoc on your appliance, lowering the quality of your brew and potentially causing it to break down. Depending on how often you use it, you should clean your coffee maker every three and six months.

How much does it cost to service an espresso machine?

The cost will vary greatly based on the age and condition of the machine, as well as its type and model. Semi-automatic machines often cost far less to repair than superautomatic machines, which typically cost between $150 and $350.

What happens if you don’t clean an espresso machine?

You run the danger of having bad-tasting coffee, bacterial buildup, and machine malfunction if you don’t clean your espresso maker. Throughout the day, when you use your espresso machine, espresso grinds, coffee oil, and mineral scale from water consumption accumulate.

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