7 Step instructions to Clean a Milk Frother with Vinegar

Clean a Milk Frother with Vinegar

Milk frothers are a lifeline for espresso sweethearts who partake in a rich, foamy cappuccino or latte. Be that as it may, with ordinary use, they can immediately become contaminated with milk buildup and microbes, prompting a horrendous taste and scent.

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Dread not, dear peruser! In this blog entry, we will tell you the best way to clean a milk frother with vinegar and acquire back that foam-plastic goodness in no time!

 Why vinegar?

Vinegar, a characteristic and flexible cleaning arrangement, is ideal for cleaning a milk frother. It really eliminates difficult stains and microbes, while likewise being an eco-accommodating and savvy option in contrast to business cleaning items. Besides, it’s possible currently in your kitchen!

Clean a Milk Frother with Vinegar

 Step 1: Disassemble Your Milk Frother

Before beginning the cleaning system, make a point to turn off your milk frother and dismantle every removable part. This incorporates the foaming wand, top, and compartment. Look at the producer’s guidelines if you don’t know how to dismantle it.

Stage 2: Absorb the Removable Parts Vinegar

Fill a holder with equivalent pieces of water and white vinegar, enough to lower every one of the removable parts. You can utilize any sort of vinegar,

 yet we suggest white vinegar as it’s the best for cleaning. Allow the parts to dry for around 30 to 60 minutes.

Genius tip: You can likewise add a couple of drops of dish cleanser to the vinegar solution to assist with separating the milk buildup.

 Step 3: Clean the Frothing Wand

The foaming wand is the piece of the milk frother that gets the most use and is inclined to obstruct. To clean it, fill a cup with the vinegar arrangement and submerge the foaming wand in it. Turn on the milk frother and let it run for a couple of moments.

 This will assist with flushing out any milk buildup that might be stuck inside.

If your foaming wand has a ton of development, you can likewise utilize a little cleaning brush to delicately scour it. Simply be mindful so as not to harm the wand.

 Step 4: Rinse and Dry

After dousing and cleaning, wash every one of the removable parts completely with water to eliminate any excess vinegar. Dry them with a perfect towel or let them air dry before reassembling the milk frother.

Star tip: Before utilizing your milk frother once more, run it with plain water to guarantee all the vinegar buildup is eliminated.

 Stage 5: Clean the Outside of the Milk Frother

While the removable parts are drenching, you can likewise clean the outside of the milk frother. Wipe it down with a clammy material and a limited quantity of vinegar. 

This will assist with eliminating any stains or soil that might have aggregated on a superficial level.

Step 6: Assemble and wipe dry

To guarantee every one of the little parts has adequately dried (like the screws), spot them with some kitchen paper. Furthermore,

 just once you’re certain every one of the parts is dry, you can begin collecting your milk frother. Place those circles back in their legitimate positions,

 and make sure to join the elastic seal back to the top.

When dry, place your recently cleaned milk frother back in its right stockpiling spot. Also, for future purposes, recollect:

• Never endeavour to clean any apparatus while it’s connected

• Avoid grating wipes to safeguard non-stick surfaces

• Never utilize metal items to clean milk buildup.

 Step 7: Regular Maintenance

To keep your milk frother looking great, it’s critical to routinely clean it. We suggest cleaning it after each use, particularly if you’re utilizing it to foam milk with added flavourings or syrups.

On the off chance that you utilize your milk frother habitually, you can likewise descale it once every month to eliminate any mineral development. 

To do this, blend equivalent pieces of water and white vinegar in the water repository and run the milk frother until the arrangement is unfilled. Wash it completely with water and run it with plain water a couple of times to guarantee all the vinegar buildup is taken out.


How do you remove burned milk from a frother?

I finally figured it out. After each use, simply flush it out and leave some water in it (1/2 inch). Don’t need much) overnight or until the next time it gets used again. Dump out the water, froth that milk, rinse it out, and repeat.

What is the best cloth to clean a milk frother?

Steam Wand Cloth (Blue)

A small cloth that fits the palm of your hand is the perfect size for cleaning the steam wand, keeping dairy away from other parts of the machine. The steam wand material completely cleans the steam wand of the milk cover and buildup.

Why does the milk burn in the frother?

The consume mark that occasionally shows up at the lower part of the milk frother is milk proteins that are gathered on top of the warming component and consumed. With cautious cleaning after each utilization, this is forestalled.

What are the disadvantages of milk frothers?

Utilizing manual labour implies you need to depend on some other wellsprings of force aside from your solidarity. 

It very well may be oppressive when you need to make a great deal of espresso cups all at once. Then again, if you run out of batteries or there is a power outage, you can’t utilize your handheld or electric refrigerator.

How do you clean scalded milk from a frother?

Soak it, squeeze lemon juice, and stir it. The acidic idea of lemon juice releases the hard-consumed milk. Sit tight for not many hours, then, at that point, channel the water.

After draining the water, drop Rinza milk frother cleaning liquid, which works best for milk frameworks, for example, milk frothers, espresso machines, and espresso processors.


Clean a milk frother with vinegar is a basic and convincing technique for taking out milk development and infinitesimal living beings. With standard help, 

You can keep your milk frother in top condition and enjoy froth-tastic coffee drinks as expected. Along these lines, go ahead and look at it. Your taste buds will be much obliged!

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