What Are The Benefits Of Using A Pour Over Coffee Maker? The Complete Geeky Scoop

Benefits Of Using A Pour Over Coffee Maker

Many people who want to improve the quality of their coffee often opt for the best pour over coffee makers like the Hario v60 or the Chemex pour over shown above. However, are they worthwhile? And how are you supposed to know what will suit your palate and kitchen the best?

I looked over all the brewers and the possibilities available with each before making my previous investment in the best pour over coffee maker. You ought to know everything I’ve discovered about these gadgets, including their profound effect on taste and their advantages and disadvantages.

The easiest way to respond to the query “What are the Benefits Of Using A Pour Over Coffee Maker?” is to do so in this blog post.

Let’s proceed, but first…

Benefits Of Using A Pour Over Coffee Maker—What Makes It Better?

The Benefits Of Using A Pour Over Coffee Maker are enormous in terms of flavor. Why? You can create a cup with greater nuance by adjusting the grind size, water temperature, and pace of coffee extraction. This enables you to bring out delicate notes and several taste profiles in your coffee beans that might otherwise go unnoticed.

For instance, if a particular kind of coffee bean has inherent fruit and citrus overtones, a correctly done pour-over would retain the majority of those distinctive characteristics. These similar overtones may be altered or completely hidden in coffee made using a French press.

Best pour over coffee maker also has the benefit of continuously tasting great and fresh cup after cup. You are the driver, which explains why there is consistency. You are the only one who can change any of the parameters. You get a nice cup every time if you follow the same procedure.

What Exactly Is a “Pour Over” Coffee Maker?

Despite coffee’s long history of popularity, it was only recently “rediscovered” when it became fashionable in specialty coffee shops worldwide.

In a best pour over coffee makers, hot water (usually between 195 and 210 degrees Fahrenheit) is manually poured through freshly ground coffee and a filter before being poured into a carafe or mug.

Which is better? It allows you to have complete control over the coffee brewing procedure, so you can get the most flavor out of your coffee grinds. A hand-pouring method is superior to using a standard drip machine to prepare filter coffee. Why so? It’s generally not a good idea to use a drip machine to regulate all the brewing factors for you (immersion time, water volume, etc.).

How Are They Different From Other Types of Coffee Makers?

The pour over brew technique is a hands-on method that necessitates your active participation in the brewing procedure. Unlike automatic coffee makers that use the drip method, you may precisely and precisely regulate how much coffee you brew by adjusting the temperature, flow rate, immersion, and capacity.

In contrast, traditional drip machines rely on a machine to decide how much water and at what time to utilize it, which might result in inconsistent cups.

You may extract more flavor from your beans and make a cup that is more flavorful thanks to the degree of control you have over the brewing process.

Because they can now have complete control over every single element, it is a popular method for folks who genuinely enjoy their morning (or afternoon) cup of coffee!

Advantages / Disadvantages of Pour Over Coffee Makers


  • Total command over your coffee, ensuring a perfect cup.
  • If you appreciate developing new skills and crafts, great coffee.
  • Suitable for one or two individuals at a time; made in small batches.
  • precise, reliable outcomes.
  • Although you’ll probably need more than just the brewer, it’s reasonably priced.

Additionally, Fellow added the following characteristics to this burr grinder:

If you appreciate learning fresh information and thrive off the meticulousness of producing something exceptional from a set of honed skills and knowledge, pour over makers are a terrific alternative.

Comparing pour over brewers to other brewing techniques (such as espresso machines), pour over brewers are reasonably priced and user-friendly. They are a popular option for people who want total control over the flavor of their coffee.

These machines are also fantastic for making one or two cups of coffee at a time for one or two individuals due to the small batch sizes they create.


Depending on your demands and circumstances, there are a few disadvantages to consider before making the investment in a pour over setup.

  • They frequently produce smaller quantities, which might not be suitable for folks who want more than one cup.
  • They take longer than other procedures, which is a disadvantage if you’re pressed for time.
  • Some are initially more challenging to make good coffee with.
  • They need additional tools (kettle, scale, grinder).
  • It might call for more endurance.
  • more counter space is required.

Pour overs demand more time and effort to make them correctly than traditional drip coffee since they require your attention.

Undoubtedly, it will take a little longer to brew coffee than an automatic drip coffee maker, but some individuals may find the extra steps boring and annoying.

Best pour over coffee maker is probably not for you if you want the best-tasting coffee possible but are already looking forward to none of the following: weighing your beans, grinding them, setting a timer, considering your water, etc.

The grind size, water temperature, and the amount of time the coffee spends in contact with the grounds are just a few of the many coffee brewing criteria that must be perfect. It can take a while to perfect the cup and requires some practice to get it properly every time.

If you’re already lacking in that area, take into account your counter space as well. These arrangements will call for additional tools like a kettle, scale, and grinder, all of which will take up some room.

Before purchasing one of these gadgets for your house, you should take into account a few things. Weighing all the advantages and disadvantages will help you decide whether it will be a worthwhile investment and endeavor for you.

When using a manual brewing method, the majority of individuals discover they love making their coffee in this way.

Are They Worth the Investment?

A lot of factors go into producing the best wines, and the same is true for producing the world’s most exquisite coffee.

Before leaving for work, you might occasionally just want a cup. However, wouldn’t it be preferable if you could quickly prepare one of the world’s best brews at home rather than visiting your favorite coffee shop? Naturally, it would!

Purists will value the ability to experiment with various coffee bean origins and roast intensities to find the perfect cup. It’s also wonderful for individuals who are curious about manual brewing techniques and want to learn more about the procedure, and it gives experienced coffee consumers a good reason to be inventive!

Investments in the best pour over coffee maker are worthwhile IF you want:

  • The capacity to create some of the best and most distinctive flavors at home in a matter of minutes.
  • Complete control over extraction factors like temperature, frequency of stirring, and contact of water with coffee grinds.
  • If the journey itself interests you more than the final destination.
  • To avoid wasting a full pot when making tiny portions.

Tips for Buying a Pour Over Maker

Here are some ideas to bear in mind when you look for a new brewer:

Gooseneck Kettle

You absolutely need a gooseneck kettle for your pour over setup. In addition to having a decent design, it will heat your water to the proper temperature in 3 minutes.

Disclaimer: Although I still stand by it and may add it there, this kettle isn’t the one we recommend in our article on the best gooseneck kettle because I got it without doing a lot of research.

Cost of Extra Equipment

Even though the best pour over coffee makers are inexpensive on their own, your pour over setup will need a few other components if you don’t already have them, so there will probably be some additional costs when you first start.

Coffee Grinder

The grinder, in the opinion of coffee lovers, is actually even more crucial than the brewer. With pour over systems, a high-quality burr grinder produces uniformly ground coffee and improves flavor extraction.


The majority of pour over installations will need some kind of filter. We advise using an oxygen-bleached paper filter that is compatible with your pour over brewer. The least amount of paper flavor will be added to your pour over coffee if you do this.


You should think about either plastic or stainless steel if you want a portable pour over coffee maker. Although they are not as portable, the best pour over coffee makers made of ceramic and glass are beautiful to look at.


You could believe that using a measuring cup to measure whole-bean coffee would be successful, but doing so would already be a mistake.

It would be much preferable to use a precise digital food scale. By precisely weighing your coffee beans before they enter the grinder, this equipment, which costs less than $15, will provide the greatest coffee.

Sustainability and the Environment

When you use paper filters, a lot of waste is produced, especially if you use several cups every day. Choose reusable filters like cloth or metal mesh as an alternative. Long-term financial savings as well as a reduction in your environmental impact are both guaranteed!

Skill Level

You have complete control and the option to customize your brew with manual coffee brewing methods like the pour over. However, this also means that it is entirely up to you to take into account every aspect of it, such as the amount of coffee to water, the temperature of the water, etc.

We advise beginning with flow-restrictor pour-over brewers like the Bonavita and Melitta if you are new to preparing coffee this way and feel intimidated. Small, flow-restrictive holes in these brewers still produce wonderful pour over coffee, but they are much more user-friendly and technique-forgiving than the other pour over coffee challengers.

Final Verdict on Benefits Of Using A Pour Over Coffee Maker

We believe that the benefits of using a pour over coffee maker have answered all of your questions. If you enjoy both the method and the result of producing outstanding coffee, a pour over coffee maker is a wise purchase. 

best pour over coffee makers is a skill that takes time and practice, so it’s not for people who just want a quick cup. However, a pour over coffee machine setup would be a valuable addition to your home coffee bar if you enjoy learning new things and can respect the skill. Additionally, you can read our article on the subject of making pour-over coffee without a cone.

FAQs on Benefits Of Using A Pour Over Coffee Maker

Is pour over coffee healthier?

When consumed in moderation, pour-over coffee is not only healthy but one of the healthiest methods of consuming the beverage. As long as they use an unbleached coffee filter and a pour-over brewer or drip technique, coffee drinkers can continue to enjoy wonderful coffee on a regular basis.

Why do people love pour over coffee?

Many coffee drinkers, especially those who want black coffee, prefer the pour over method because they think it produces a cup of brew that is more flavorful. It takes longer to brew, thus the flavor extraction is more complicated. More flavor is extracted when the water passes through the grounds more slowly.

What is the healthiest method of brewing coffee?

Filtered coffee is the safest, according to a recent study that looked at associations between various coffee brewing techniques and risks of heart attacks and mortality.

Why pour over coffee expensive?

One of the most affordable best pour over coffee makers is a basic dripper like a Hario V60 made of plastic. The price of best pour over coffee makers, however, could be higher than the price of a standard drip coffee from a coffee shop machine. You are paying more for the barista’s time and expertise as a result.

Why do pour overs taste better?

Pour overs typically produce more flavor than conventional drip coffee because of the changes in the brewing procedures. Pour over brewing takes more time, which gives the water more opportunity to draw out the flavors and oils from the coffee beans.

Why is it called pour over coffee?

This is a replica of Melitta Bentz’s first-ever homemade brewing pot. She would place the blotting paper on top of the coffee and then pour boiling water over it. You may view Melitta Bentz’s 12b, 343 556 patent for the pour over coffee filter system in the Patentblatt from July 1908 here.

Why pour over better than espresso?

Pour-over coffee, particularly those flavors that are less likely to be represented in espresso, is a more accurate approach to tasting the intricacies of coffee. Best pour over coffee makers, on the other hand, is not quick enough for espresso in terms of preparation time.

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